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Swiftwater Sales and Rentals, located in Greenville, MS, is the leading retailer of shipping and storage container sales. Swiftwater sells standard and modified equipment to consumers, corporations, and government and military institutions. We provide customers with cost-effective, affordable storage solutions backed by over 15 years of service.

Swiftwater Sales and Rentals has modern equipment designed especially to load and unload steel shipping containers at your location with no damage to the portable containers or your property.

Steel shipping containers can keep you in business when a natural disaster destroys your existing business. Portable steel containers are secure and give you the peace of mind that you desire in times like these.

Every portable storage container that Swiftwater buys is brought to their shop and checked to insure there are no leaks or damage that needs repaired.

Portable Containers can be modified to serve as bunk houses on the job or at hunting camp. Containers can be painted any color you desire to blend into the existing surroundings.